"Labor 411 – the nation's premier directory of union-made goods and services – is leading the movement to make it easy for consumers to join the fight and support those socially responsible businesses."

- Jackie Jeter President,
Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO

"Labor 411 is a place where I can go and I can find all the union products and services that I need. Certainly we want to put our money in a place that matches our values. Today, so many companies don't match our values, so we want to embolden and empower those that actually do."

- Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer
L.A. County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO

"I like the community and the commitment and support of Labor 411."

- Jenny Martinez, Sales Executive
Downtown Los Angeles, Marriott International

"Made in America keeps the jobs at home. Why take them overseas? We are big supporter of union made."

- Abel Ayala, Home Mortgage Consultant
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

"When we need resources, when we are planning events, when we are organizing our members, we know that we can go to Labor 411 and have the references that we need and feel good about what we're doing for our brothers and sisters. We need to stick together, to get a little stronger, and remember about our solidarity and strength in unity."

- Sandra Lepore, Executive Director
AFT College Staff Guild Local 1521A

"Labor 411 is the go-to place when you want to buy goods and services that are union-made and with union labor. It's part of the solidarity, to keep America strong, and keep good-paying jobs in our country rather than have them offshore."

- Eddie Isaacs, Job Steward
SEIU 721

"Labor 411 provides a much-needed service by putting out a directory with all of the union companies. It's a tremendous value to the union members. We should be patronizing our own union facilities. Most all those facilities pay good wages and good benefits. That's our mission: make sure everybody gets a decent paycheck and benefits. It's pretty simple."

- Ron Miller, Secretary-Treasurer,
LA/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council

"Why is buying union important? It's supporting our own jobs. Labor 411 helps us do that."

- Thom Davis, Business Representative, IATSE Int'l VP
IATSE Local 80

"When I want to make sure I get a premium product and make sure the workers aren't being exploited and they have the skills where we'll get premium products, I just go to Labor 411 and find whatever I'm looking for."

- Letetsia Fox, President
CSEA Chapter 500

"To find companies that have American-made, union-made products that keeps our people employed, Labor 411 is where you want to go. Labor 411 keeps you in the know. When companies switch and are no longer union-made, Labor 411 will let your find out really fast. That's important to us."

- Greg Vetter, Treasurer
IBEW Local 47

"Made in America keeps the jobs at home. Why take them overseas? We are big supporter of union made."

- Abel Ayala, Home Mortgage Consultant
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

"Miller Kaplan supports the labor movement. We deal with many, many labor unions. We are proud to support Labor 411 and the community of unions here in LA."

- Alexandra Chernyak, CPA,
Miller Kaplan Arase LLP

"I love that Labor 411 is so union friendly. The directory is so informative. There's a lot of information in there that not only helps the union membership, but the health care carriers that receive it as well."

- Shady Sauers, Strategic Account Executive,
United Healthcare

"I like that you're able to see all the vendors that are union made in Labor 411, so you can support your fellow union members and also U.S.A.-made products. It's important because it helps raise the bar for companies and their employees to have benefits and fair wages so they are able to support themselves in Los Angeles."

- Margarita Chavez, External Relationship Manager
Labor Community Services AFL-CIO

"Unions are important to keep the economy rolling, to keep the middle class in the mix. Labor 411 helps us do that. "

- Doug O'Neil, Account Executive
The Harman Press

"I use Labor 411 all the time to make sure I'm purchasing union products. It's very easy to find the information I need. American Income Life supports the working people of Los Angeles, so it's nice to have such a good reference to make sure I'm bringing union-made products to our members."

- Carmella Swanson, Public Relations Manager
American Income Life


"Kaiser Permanente was built on and around union members and their families. Labor 411 is the ideal marketplace for keeping in the tradition of a healthy and happy America based on the values of solidarity."

- Christopher J. Blass, VP & National Director, Labor & Trust
National Sales and Account Management Kaiser Permanente

Koretz Paul

"Labor 411 is an invaluable resource for those of us looking to support good jobs in Los Angeles. My staff and I at City Hall turn to the Labor 411 directory regularly when looking for union hotels, restaurants or venues to hold our events and meetings. It's easy to use and includes a lot of good information about local businesses that care about their community and their employees."

- Paul Koretz
LA City Councilman


"We appreciate Labor 411 and all it is doing for us and for the labor movement. Labor helped build Kaiser Permanente from the very beginning. Kaiser Permanente and labor are somewhat synonymous."

- Tony Nottonson, Executive Labor Account Manager, Labor and Trust Funds
Kaiser Permanente


"Labor 411 is such a valuable resource. It's important to support workers here in America and make sure they get fair and equal wages. It's also important that we all buy and use American-made and union-made products. Labor 411 helps us do that."

- Heidi Peyrefitte, Sales VP, Public Sector and Labor Markets
United Healthcare


"We're very impressed with Labor 411 and we're happy to be a part of it. We want to give back to our fellow members, since we're part of the union ourselves."

- Don Peart, President
Union Choice Mortgages and Real Estate


"We strive to find products that are made in the U.S.A. and primarily union made. Buying union made keeps Americans working."

- Dale Newcom
Calvert Company


"A lot of those that read Labor 411 – a lot of their programs, meetings and events – will only go to unions hotels, so we promote those hotels first. We cater to the customer and if the customer wants a union hotel then we have options."

- Kristin Hynes
Marriott International


"Union means quality. That's why Labor 411 is so important to us – we want to support good jobs and good quality union printing. We are part of the labor community and we want to support our friends."

- Fred Goldner
The Harman Press


"I wanted to let you know of the on-going benefit we have received from our advertisement in the Labor 411. We have had several union locals contact us to open accounts since the guide was published. They did not know that an "all-union" financial institution was available and they were happy to find us in the directory. We have also used the guide to locate a new union printer which has grown into a long-term relationship with much repeat business. The Labor 411 publication is a great tool and I just wanted to thank you for pulling it all together for the labor community!"

- Bill Byerly
Union Yes Federal Credit Union


"In a city where the middle class has been eroding for the last two decades, Labor 411 offers a responsible shopping guide to union made goods. Supporting these products will help create a more vibrant economy that Los Angeles and other cities so desperately need."

- Harold Meyerson
Political Columnist


"It's such a great resource to be able to find union-made products in a really accessible way."

- Linda Rapka, Communications Director
Musicians Local 47


"When people are looking to purchase or get a professional service they know they're going to someone who is supporting the union effort. It's like the rising tide that raises all ships."

- Larry John Garcia, Area Manager, Union Plus Mortgage Specialist
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

A. Ghorbanian

"We love Labor 411. We love the impact it has and how powerful the website and the print directory are. In today's economy, if we don't support labor, everything is going to be made in a foreign country, and the whole economy will suffer. We have to support what we make right here in America. Labor 411 helps us do that."

- Abraham Ghorbanian DDS, Owner
Aava Dental


"As the seat of our nation's political power, DC is the perfect place for Labor 411, putting the power to choose where it belongs…in the people's hands. And here in Washington, in addition to many fine union-made goods, visitor and native alike will discover the wealth of union services that keep our nation's capital vibrant."

- Joslyn N. Williams, Former President,
Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO


"Labor 411 makes it easy to make ethical consumer decisions. It's a perfect fit for a progressive city like San Francisco. We are happy to welcome Labor 411 to the Bay Area so our residents can feel empowered as shoppers to know that the ordinary things they buy – food, tires, even beer – are made by Americans earning good wages and benefits. Together we are rebuilding America's middle class."

- Tim Paulson, Executive Director,
San Francisco Labor Council


"Labor 411 is a directory we all need. It supports businesses that support good jobs. This is a way to use our consumer dollars to support responsible employers who really care about our neighborhoods and provide good wages and benefits so that we have the kind of healthy communities we need."

- Maria Elena Durazo, Former Executive Secretary Treasurer,
Labor 411 Buy Union Buy American Foundation

Gitlin.jpg"Labor 411 has been a great resource for us at the Int'l Cinematographers Guild. We use it to find union hotels, venues and services when we're planning our regular National Executive Board meetings. We found a nice new selection of union hotels to choose from that we hadn't realized were union. And we've been quite pleased. Labor 411 is a one-stop guide that's helped make my job easier."

- Alan Gitlin, Nat'l Secretary-Treasurer,
IATSE Local 600

Jane-Broendel.jpg"Los Angeles Labor 411 is a major step in informing products and services are American-made. More and more people recognize the importance of supporting U.S. jobs - but often it's difficult to get relevant information. By getting to the specifics concerning a city inhabited or visited by millions, Los Angeles Labor 411 greatly advances the cause."

- Jane Broendel, Secretary-Treasurer,
National Association of Letter Carriers

maurice.jpg"Unions are the lifeblood of the American workforce and LA Labor 411 has been a great resource when we need to get things done. The guide is well organized and an effective tool for reaching out to the union community. I use it for both business and personal purposes."

- Maurice Baker, Los Angeles Clippers

Richard-Marquez.jpg"Because we are a union owned and operated bank, one of our primary outreach initiatives is to the union industry. LA Labor 411 is a valuable resource for identifying those groups in our area. When we were spotlighted in an LA Labor 411 advertisement, it emphasized our pro-labor commitment and brought business to our bank well beyond the Los Angeles demographic."

- Richard Marquez, SVP Regional Manager,
United Labor Bank

Teamsters_Logo-1(2).jpg"The Teamsters strongly support Labor 411. It's a vital tool for buying union-made products – and sustaining good jobs."
- International Brotherhood of Teamsters

local600logo-white-OUTLINED-02.png"Each dollar you spend is a vote for what you support. Check Labor 411 to buy American, and support American jobs and workers."

New AFLCIO logo-2727.jpg"Buying Made in America supports jobs in this country—and buying union-made in the USA supports great jobs. Before you open your wallet, check Labor 411."

KentWongcolorv2.jpg"Labor 411 is an excellent source of information for union leaders, scholars and community activists who need to access the immense amount of resources in the labor community."
- Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center

Tom-Kabelitz.jpg"I don't hesitate to turn to LA Labor 411 to recommend other businesses to our clients who want to use union companies."
- Tom Kabelitz, Continental Colorcraft