Lace up your sneakers and get ready for a day of touring one of America’s best cities: Washington, DC. Start off with breakfast or brunch at the historic Greenhouse restaurant, located inside the Jefferson hotel on 16th St. N.W. Then on to the main attractions – the Capitol, the White House, and the National Mall. Next, be sure to hit some of the city’s iconic monuments and memorials -- the Washington Monument, the Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans and MLK memorials. If you can squeeze it in, visit historic Union Station, one of the main hubs for Amtrak trains, then wander over to Charlie Palmer’s Steak House for a drink and well-earned lunch. For dinner, be sure to stop by The Lafayette, inside the historic Hay Adams Hotel near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Take the Metro over to the fabulous Kennedy Center, where you can catch a show. The best of Washington, DC offers more than great tourist stops. All of these memorable spots are also union shops. That means every time you patronize one, you are helping working people in this city to earn fair wages, work in safe conditions and access health care. That's a powerful purchase. 

JW.jpg“Labor 411 – the nation’s premier directory of union-made goods and services – is leading the movement to make it easy for consumers to join the fight and support those socially responsible businesses.”
– Jackie Jeter President,
Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO

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